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Express declaration of values

The ARCOIN Code of Ethics is one of the main parts of the Corporate Social Responsibility management of the company and is the means of developing its corporate values.

It constitutes an express declaration of its values, principles and behavioural guidelines that are to direct all company employees in the undertaking of their work.

The process of insular diversification and expansion started in 2008 has led to a new scale of company, where the diversity of people and settings is an intrinsic value and one of its current distinguishing features.

This Code guarantees the collective application of company commitments, effective compliance with human and work-related rights and the integration of all people, with their complexity and diversity, into the corporate culture.

The Code, which seeks to share the corporate values forming part of the business culture with all groups of interest, aims to:

  • Develop the models and guidelines for professional, ethical and responsible behaviour that must direct all employees of ARCOIN when undertaking their work.
  • Establish the necessary monitoring and control mechanisms to ensure its compliance.

The ARCOIN Management Board Compliance and Auditing Committee is responsible for ensuring compliance with this Code and for promoting its dissemination and the specific training necessary for its correct application

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