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Pol. Ind. La Hondura

35600 – Puerto del Rosario


Teléfono: 928856154

Fax: 928861374

Mission and strategy

The mission of ARCOIN  is to create value under conditions of economic, social and environmental sustainability, in line with the specific interests of its clients, the company workforce and the group of people and organisations interested in its success.

To fulfil this mission, ARCOIN builds, organises and manages environments to improve the quality of life of citizens.

ARCOIN  is a construction company and this will remain its core business in the future. All of its areas of diversification have become activities closely linked to construction and to the services sector, with great growth potential.

ARCOIN  has defined long-term policies that become business strategies, including the following:

  • Continuity in the growth of the Regional Construction Division, primarily civil engineering and residential building.
  • Consolidation of the Concessions business line as one of the main divisions of the company and where the bulk of investment is made.
  • Consolidation in the services sector
  • Strengthening of the Environmental and Quality activity

The corporate strategy of ARCOIN focuses on:

  • Firm support for the corporate governance rules, applying principles of utmost transparency in relationships with the market and with partners.
    Sustainable developed as a mainstay.
    Firm commitment to maintain a solid financial structure based on the use of long-term financial resources.

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