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For ARCOIN people management is one of its competitive advantages over other companies. We therefore try to look after our interpersonal relationships as much as possible and manage the skills of each employee.

Our aim is to make ARCOIN the best place to work, supporting the personal and professional growth of all of our employees. To reach this goal, we promote a learning culture based on the experience of our knowledge, placing the personal development of our workforce at the centre of the organisation.

At ARCOIN we consider our workforce to be one of our most important assets and one of our main values and we believe that investing in continuous improvement through the training of our employees is essential to ensure the competitiveness required by the market.

Since it started, ARCOIN has imposed the utmost support for the company workforce as one of its basic internal values. Therefore, Occupational Risk Prevention has been one of the mainstays on which company growth is based.

Due to its the firm commitment towards the Company and its employees, the resources that ARCOIN has devoted to Prevention within the company go beyond strict compliance with current regulations at all times.

ARCOIN has a qualified team of professionals at your disposal while the project is underway, providing top-class technological products from among their proposals and solutions, in collaboration with the leading manufacturers.

ARCOIN, S.L. has qualified personnel for the Management and Implementation of any project and any subcontracted work will remain under the supervision of the ARCOIN management, passing the quality controls and requirements of the quality certificate.

ARCOIN  lists all of the actions established in its Human Resource policy.
The actions to consider are as follows:

The responsibility of ARCOIN for managing, organising and controlling employees, as it has a separate status and independent organisation.

However, to ensure that the image of its clients is not harmed, ARCOIN, S.L. undertakes to take all measures it considers necessary for its personnel to meet the following requirements:

  • Wear regulatory work clothing and/or uniforms and keep them in perfect state of repair, along with the emblems established.
  • Undertake their duties in compliance with the regulations controlling the areas for which ARCOIN is solely and exclusively responsible.
  • If justified complaints are made against employees because of inadequate capability or incorrect behaviour, the Project Manager will notify ARCOIN of such for all appropriate purposes.

With regard to personnel, ARCOIN expressly undertakes the following:

  • To carry out its activity with a suitable workforce to ensure optimum output and high quality of service. With regard to ARCOIN  personnel assigned to the activity referred to in this specification, once this work is completed or if it is cancelled before the agreed end date, the provisions of current legislation will be observed as well as the collective agreements that may be applicable concerning the replacement of contractors.
  • To accept all the responsibilities resulting from the relationships that it may establish with third parties during the period of the technical assistance in connection with the work.
  • ARCOIN  personnel will be subject to the regulations concerning security and internal rules in force at the work centre.
  • To comply with all regulations applicable to employees concerning work, employment, social security and the prevention of occupational risks.

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