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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is put into practice at ARCOIN  through its commitment towards continuous improvement, innovation and anticipation, transparency of information and the rational and balanced integration of diversity in the areas where it works and in its relationship with all interested parties to ensure dialogue and transparency with the groups of interest form the focal points.

Financial management, based on improved productivity, increased investment and risk diversification through geographic expansion, has an impact on the financial conditions of its groups of interest and on the surroundings in which it is present, promoting the generation of the business network and the creation of employment.

Good governance involves the responsibility, efficiency and transparency of the managing bodies of a company. However, for ARCOIN it also involves anticipation, providing feasible solutions in advance, adopting new organisational formulas and renewing behavioural and communications strategies.

The responsibility of ARCOIN towards its employees focuses on creating safe, stable conditions and workplaces, encouraging their professional and personal development and promoting diversity and equal opportunities. Occupational risk prevention is particularly relevant for ARCOIN and this policy is developed in a modern, effective manner. Promoting and maintaining a prevention culture is its constant commitment towards company employees and towards society in general.

Environmental responsibility and preservation of the natural environment are present in all ARCOIN activities. Aware of the environmental impact of our activity, our challenge for 2010 consisted of implementing an Environmental Management System to ensure compliance with regulations and environmental improvement in the undertaking of our activities.

Permanently striving for quality and excellence in all ARCOIN activities, the company maintains a degree of internal exigency to ensure client satisfaction through compliance with legal and contractual requirements to a level that is above their expectations.

ARCOIN considers innovation and technological development to be one of the mainstays for ensuring the greater financial efficiency of its activities and, in short, for increasing competitiveness while respecting the environment and ensuring social responsibility.

ARCOIN  is greatly aware of the need to involve all of its colleagues, suppliers and subcontractors in expanding the values, good practice and behaviour of ARCOIN  while performing their activities and services. Clearly and precisely establishing the bases of contracts, streamlining communication and dialogue and providing the necessary assistance and training to ensure they take part in the ARCOIN  management systems is of mutual benefit and favours sustainable growth.

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