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ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

The Environment

This commitment seeks to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and continuous improvement in environmental performance.

The environmental aspects arising from its business are identified and assessed in each contract, centre or service, applying specific evaluation criteria to the different activities. Potential emergency situations that could cause damage to the environment are also assessed.

Environmental Action

ARCOIN pays special attention in its different lines of business to the following ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION:

  • Appropriately separating, storing and managing waste, particularly hazardous and sanitary waste.
  • Minimising or reusing inert waste and others such as wood, metal or plastic, sending the lowest quantity possible to the dumpsite.
  • Reducing the generation of hazardous waste and that similar to urban waste through reuse, bulk purchase or the use of large containers.
  • Rationally managing natural resources such as energy or raw materials. Preferably using non-harmful substances or those with least levels of danger.
  • Ensuring water and soil pollution is prevented, controlling the composition of liquid discharges and correcting their parameters down to non-hazardous levels.
  • Ensuring soil erosion and degradation is reduced, protecting its quality and avoiding compacting, contamination by hazardous substances and the loss of fertility due to damage to or elimination of topsoil.
  • Ensuring atmospheric pollution is reduced through the control of dust and particle emissions from the transportation, movement or running of equipment.
  • Ensuring any disturbance caused to the social environment, plant life and fauna by noise, vibrations or light emissions that could lead to stress, behavioural changes, physiological disorders, etc. is decreased.
  • Controlling contaminant gas emissions into the atmosphere in significant combustion centres, ensuring measures are introduced to reduce the concentrations emitted or their effects on flora, fauna or the social environment.
  • Controlling activities to reduce the impact on flora and fauna and on biodiversity, particularly during tree cutting, land clearing, the creation of accesses and blasting.
  • Monitoring the impact on flora, fauna and biodiversity, ensuring the conservation of the environment and, in the case of degraded areas, promoting their restoration and refurbishment.
  • Controlling activities to avoid or minimise damage to Historic, Artistic and/or Archaeological Heritage and to Protected Areas of flora and fauna, Places of Community Interest, Nature Parks and other areas subject to protection.

These activities are considered of the utmost relevance in each of the activities, depending on their degree of application.

On all accounts, possible emergency situations and the environmental issues that could arise must be known, necessary preventive and/or minimising measures provided and corrective measures applied in the event of the emergency.

These principles must be applied within feasible technical and financial limits.

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