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Compromisos de Calidad y Medio Ambiente


In both the construction and the services sector, ARCOIN remains permanently committed to Quality and to Environmental protection, which is structured around the following premises forming the Quality and Environmental POLICY:

  • Continuous improvement in Quality and the Environment is a priority to be upheld in all work centres.  The Management therefore sets the corresponding objectives and goals, allocating the necessary resources for their implementation and monitoring.
  • ARCOIN makes every effort to prevent pollution and to minimise the environmental impact generated by the different activities, as described in ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION that also forms an integral part of this POLICY.
  • Customer satisfaction is a basic premise in Group activities, with the commitment to meet the requirements specified in contracts.
  • Relevant present and future legal and regulatory requisites of an environmental nature and those related to Quality and defined by contract are strictly met, along with other requirements subscribed to by the organisation.
  • ARCOIN employees perform their work in a manner that is compatible with this policy and with the general objectives of the Group. The Management promotes training and informative activities that provide suitable sensitisation, ensuring employees are aware of this POLICY and take part in its compliance.
  • The Management performs reviews to ensure the POLICY and the objectives are fulfilled, actively improving environmental action in all activities and Customer satisfaction.
  • This POLICY is available to customers and to the general public. Requests for information by interested external parties are dealt with and, where necessary, information is offered relating to the impact of the activities on the environment.

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